Announcing the Bonnie Austin Nursing Professional Development Endowment Fund

In celebration of Bonnie’s 56 years of service to Beebe!

Bonnie Austin’s 56 years of service began after she graduated from Beebe School of Nursing (now Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing) in 1962. She went from graduation right to working for Beebe Hospital at a time when there were 5 physicians on the medical staff (now 324).

Beginning as staff nurse, she quickly found her passion for pediatrics. She was tasked with setting up the first pediatric unit and was the first head nurse in the department. When the School of Nursing began teaching students about pediatrics, Bonnie provided guidance which led to a 31 year teaching career at the school.

In 1999, Bonnie was asked to work as a nursing supervisor at the medical center and accepted. She’s continued to impart her nursing – and life – wisdom on nurses and Beebe team members. So many have been touched by Bonnie’s service to Beebe Healthcare and the community.

When asked about the creation of this endowment, Bonnie spoke about the need for such a lasting fund. “I want it to be used to bring educational seminars to Beebe Healthcare for our nurses. As we grow and add new physicians who are bringing new procedures, there is the need for our nursing staff to be educated on the nursing care involved. We also need to place emphasis on our nurses teaching our patients, to help prevent readmissions for heart failure, diabetes, and other illnesses. More of our staff will be able to attend if we bring the educational programs here.”

The Bonnie Austin Nursing Professional Development Endowment Fund will provide support for nurses employed by Beebe Healthcare to pursue professional development opportunities.